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#KwentongPilipina: Lexi Noval

Building Communities that Empower Women to Live their Best Life.

“For me, modern Filipinas are a lot stronger. They are more outspoken, lively, and courageous. They know what they want and they don’t let traditional conventions and fear stop them from going after their ambitions.”

Lexi Noval is a community building entrepreneur. She has established a women’s empowerment lifestyle community called FlexFit. Their mission is to bring women together to empower each other for a better life through workouts, personal development workshops, wellness camps, and more. In addition to FlexFit, Lexi is also a part of the Wellnest Group which provides companies with wellness initiatives for its employees. On top of these two companies, she’s also part of the Sun’s Out Fitness, a free fitness community which provides free workout training sessions.

On top of all these community building and wellness endeavors, Lexi also works with Scale Labs Inc. a company that helps businesses work with Artificial Intelligence.

As a modern Filipina, Lexi aspires to inspire women to come together and empower one another to get better.

On Finding Inspiration in Adversity.

Lexi: I started building communities because I craved for support. You see, I’m originally from Mindanao and my whole family is there. So, when I arrived here in Manila, I felt alone. I didn’t have friends to talk to, I didn’t have a support group, I didn’t have people to help me get through tough times. I felt like there were also a lot of people who were experiencing the same thing. This inspired me to start building communities where people, especially women can come together to support, comfort, and empower one another.

Empowering Women Through Communities

Lexi: In FlexFit, we have group discussions where we talk about life in general. We share about our feelings, about the things that annoy or trigger us. We talk about our dreams and ambitions. We also share about how society works right now and the pressures of being a millennial and being a woman. Through these group sessions, we’re able to relate and empathize with each other. We’re able to see the world from a different perspective. So, from these group activities we have in the community, we’re also able to comfort, advise, and lift up each other.

What’s great about having a community like this is how the sisterhood transcends our events. Like for example, whenever we feel bad, insecure, or sad, we can always call on our FlexSisters to talk it out and hear some words of comfort and wisdom. This reminds us of how strong we are as a person, and this is just an episode that we can overcome.

Overcoming Glow Suckers

Lexi: We live in a high-speed environment today. We have a lot of ambition as well as pressure and competition around us and this can be very stressful. It doesn’t help that our environment is polluted and we have an unhealthy lifestyle. Like for me, despite being a fitness and wellness advocate, there are nights where I sleep late. Sometimes these factors really dull out my glow and it shows on my skin.

That’s why I commit myself to eating better and really trying to get in my 6 hours of sleep. Aside from that, I try to increase my antioxidants intake so I can battle the effects of stress, because I believe that you need to feel great on the inside, so you can live your best life.

I also make sure to surround myself with my FlexSisters and other positive people because I believe that you are the collective of your surroundings. If you are around people who lift you up and believe in you, you’ll be able to live your best life ever.

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