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#KwentongPilipina: Katrina Chu

Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drums

“The modern Filipina has a lot of opportunities previous generations didn’t have. That’s why I feel lucky that I’m living in this day and age where I have more options outside becoming a wife, mother, and a homemaker. Right now, I can be whoever I want to be.”

Katrina Chu is a fashion merchandiser. She owns the brand Katch Fashion that can be found at the Retail Lab in Glorietta.

Finding Her Own Path

Katrina: “I've been into fashion and fashion design since I was a little girl. I remember, me and my sister used to make little clothes for my barbie dolls when we were children. From there I wanted to go into fashion design, but my parents wanted me to do business. So, I ended up applying as a ladies' shoes buyer for a department store. After that, I became a brand manager for cosmetics. As you see, I never did go exactly into fashion design but it's still a little bit related. Now I live in Manila, and I opened my own store in Retail Lab Glorietta.”

The Pressure to Have It All Figured Out

Katrina: “I'm in my 30s now, and I don't have it all together. I think that not everyone at this age has it all together. We haven't figured everything out yet - whether it’s our career or home life. I think there’s also a lot of pressure that comes when you’re near a certain age. This gives women like me anxieties since our peers are starting to get married and have children. This really makes you wonder if you’re doing anything wrong. I think for a lot of Filipinas, not being in that stage where you’re financially stable, starting a family, and whatnot feels like your life has been a failure. I think this is unnecessary and untrue. I think that we’re all here at our own pace and not being in the same place as our peers doesn’t make us a failure.”

Overcoming Social Pressures

Katrina: “Better scared than never. You don't always have to have everything figured out, you can be afraid with what you're going to do next, you can be unsure about life, you can be really really scared, but do it anyway. The confidence will follow, what you need to do, it'll come to you, and you already have everything that you need to conquer life and its trials within you, and you can take the world on.”

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