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#KwentongPilipina: Faustine Lim

Becoming a Strong & Independent Filipina

“The beauty about the present-day Filipina is the opportunities available to us. Everywhere you go, there’s really an opportunity for you.”

Faustine Lim is a marketing operations specialist for a Fortune 500 Global Company. Her friends refer to her as a strong and independent woman.

Inspiring Stories

Faustine: “Oprah Winfrey inspired me to be a strong and independent woman. Just like her, I had a rough childhood. And whenever I think about how she rose from her childhood challenges, I feel inspired to be the best woman that I can be. Her story really inspires me to do better every day, because I want to have the same outcome as her. Imagine, she went from rags to riches - and if she can do it, why not me?”

Staying Strong in the Face of Bullying

Faustine: “I think one of the challenges for everyone who’s trying to stay strong is bullying. Cyberbullying to be exact. I think it’s hard to stay strong and confident if the people around you say a lot of negative things especially about your physical appearance. I think these comments can seriously damage one’s self-esteem. So for me, I think we shouldn’t take these negative comments personally. We just need to go above it and ignore it. But if you really think you need to change, then do it because of you, not because of them. Changing for you makes you happier than changing for someone else.”

Authenticity of the Filipina Beauty

Faustine: “I think being authentic is the key to feeling truly beautiful. Being able to accept yourself fully, imperfections and whatnot, makes you radiate a glow that can’t be contained. For me, imperfection is perfection. That’s how I can ignore the mean things people say about my appearance, especially my color. Before, these things used to bother me, but when I finally accepted myself and I chose to be authentically me, I felt a lot better. That and being on the journey of getting better and constantly improving.”

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