#KwentongPilipina is a movement to collect, share and highlight empowering stories of triumph over the things that suck the glow out of their lives.



Throughout Philippine history, we’ve seen the strength, compassion, courage, and resilience of Filipinas in protecting the motherland from the different oppressors and conquerors. They served as protectors, caregivers, and leaders. 


Side-by-side with their fathers, brothers, and husbands, Filipinas made the Philippines a free and admirable nation.

The Modern Filipina


Now more than ever, Filipinas are making a mark in history as movers and shakers. Shaping the nation and its future in the field of business, politics, athletics, arts countless noble pursuits. Bringing pride and progress to our country. 

Glow suckers

In their quest to create a better and brighter Philippines, Filipinas face glow suckers that suck out their radiance and energy.

These glow suckers can be seen everywhere. It’s in the environment they live in, the people that surrounds them, the food they consume, and the lifestyle they partake in. 

Unchecked, these glow suckers can have serious consequences to Filipinas.



As part of Crystal White’s advocacy of helping women overcome the glow suckers in their life, we’ve curated the different stories and wisdom of Filipinas who have overcome the glow suckers in their life. 


With this advocacy campaign, we aim to give working Filipinas helpful ideas and inspiring stories that would help them survive their glow suckers and thrive in their own respective quests of making their mark. We also want to give them access to a community of women who are willing to share their own stories and impart their wisdom to their fellow women. 

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